Our Services

Our Services

HMP Distribution is specialized in the distribution of hemp-related products. Learn more about what hemp is on our education page. We have years of experience in the B2B industry. Therefore, we offer the following services:

Access to trusted sales points
From our experience in the B2B market, we gained a trusted network of potential retailers.

Are you a retailer or producer?

We carefully choose the brands we distribute. Are you a retailer looking for a sustainable and/or innovative product or would you like to see a certain brand in Europe? Let’s drink a cup of coffee and see where we can join forces!

Are you a producer of sustainable new products based on hemp, then you have come to the right place at HMP Distribution. Contact us, and we will enter into a dialogue together.

Centralized Distribution Hub

Located in the Netherlands, close to the port of Rotterdam, we are favourably and efficiently positioned in Europe. Our position allows us to easily reach any European country.

Marketing & Sales

Obviously, distribution, marketing and sales must go hand-in-hand to market your product successfully. Together, we can launch your products the way you like them.

HMP Education

Hemp has a lot more potential than most people know. Unfortunately, it is frequently associated only with weed/marijuana. Just like the EIHA, CTA, and a growing number of other organisations and businesses, one of our goals is to explain the differences by education. Through presentations, blogs and Instagram, we aim to challenge the status quo and breach the hemp definition barrier. 

General inquiry? Let us know!

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