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Who is pioneering with us?

Hemp is an unique crop and that results in unique products. We are working therefore pioneers in the market who share our opinion and view on hemp. We call our partners pioneers since the hemp crop and its products are making a comeback in an current market which is difficult to enter, due to its stigma. 

That is why we are very proud to be working together with the following partners, as mentioned below!

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Local Pioneers

Because without them we won’t create the synergy, impact and spread the word about hemp and its unique attributes!

The specialty shops have an unique product offering in various segments, now they also offer our hemp-based products.

These stores have either on online webshop and/or local store.

Dutch Hemp Store

Larenseweg 139
1221CL Hilversum



Oudezijds Achterburgwal 142
1012 TV Amsterdam

De Gruijter

Kookwinkel de Gruijter
Burg. Winklerplein 20
3362 AA Sliedrecht


Geestweg 56
2671 ED Naaldwijk

We are proud of our partnerships

The true story about hemp

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A relaxing tea with Kees? A delicious hemp cappucino with Piet? Or a h'oly CBD moment with Christian? 

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