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Through education, we aim to inform our relations with all what is good and yet unknown about the hemp plant and our hemp-related products. As Nelson Mandela said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.‘’

Read here all about the world of hemp. All general and detailed information regarding hemp. Have you found something that doesn’t make sense? Or have another question? Contact us!

What is hemp?

The cannabis plant has different varieties, as depicted here on the right. The most common variety is Cannabis Sativa L. Within this variety, 2 types exist: marijuana and hemp. Hemp contains a regulated 0,2% THC. On the contrary, marijuana contains a high percentage of THC (at least higher than 0,2%). In practice, this amount lays between 20-40%. The component THC in marijuana is psychoactive and therefore still illegal in most countries in the world. CBD stands for cannabidiol and is not psychoactive.

Hemp is completely legal and an (again) upcoming crop in the Netherlands, Europe and other parts in the world. Hemp is an agricultural crop which can just grows outside. Hemp is one of the amazing possible solutions for the current climate crisis:

  1. Per hectare, hemp absorbs up to 4 times more CO2 in comparison with a forest;
  2. Hemp replenishes the soil;
  3. Hemp put back nutrition in the soil;
  4. Hemp does not need fertilizers and pesticides;
  5. Hemp grows with little water to a 4-meter high crop in just 4 months;
  6. The hemp pollen supports the bee population;
  7. Hemp is a non-waste crop: literally everything of the crop can be used!


What can be made with hemp?

A lot! The Dutch East India Company had ropes made from hemp, in the 2nd word war, clothes were made from hemp; in 1940, Henry Ford built a car made from hemp and that drove on hemp-based fuel. Moreover, the Netherlands already counts several houses (partly) made from hemp, just like the one on the left. Besides many other applications, food can be made from hemp as well.

Hemp in food, why?

Besides the environmental advantages, hemp is very unique as finalized product or ingredient in food. One of our brands, Good Hemp, uses the hempseeds as basis for their food products. One of the great aspects of hemp as and/or in food:

  1. Hempseed is rich in fibers and proteins;
  2. Hempseed has a lot of omegas 3, 6, and 9;
  3. Hempseed is free from all big allergens;
  4. Hempseed has a full amino acid profile;
  5. Hempseed contains the vitamins A/D/E.

On the right you see Piet serving bread with hemp, toppings such as vegan cream cheese with dread tomatoes set in hempseed oil. Besides that, a ‘hemp butter’ topping, a hempy alternative to peanut butter. All very delicious and healthy!


And so many possibilities are possible with hemp as a food. Think of pesto, tagliatelle, bread, hemp in vegan cheese or meat. Your creativity is the limit!

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