With a great heritage of professional winter sports, a former athlete started his quest to recovery after a injury. He found hemp seeds as interesting and helpful food in the recovery progress. Now, with 3 other former athletes, they started Hempions: an Austrian-based company with hemp food for champions!

Hempions have several foods that are ready-to-use:

  • Roasted hempseed crunchies
  • Hempseed butter: great alternative for the well-known peanut butter
  • Hempseed oil
  • Hempseed pastas: tagliatelle and fussilli
  • Harmezan: plant-based alternative for parmezan cheese

These Hempions products are very attractive for the real athletes!

The four hempions with hemp crunchies

Hemp seed crunchies
These crunchies are in basis roasted hempseeds with a twist in taste. With 5 different flavours available, the crunchies are the ideal snack for any moment! They are packed with good fats, protein, fibres and omega 3.

The crunchies are easy to carry on and therefore easy to locate in your store. The hemp seed crunchies are available in the following flavours:

  • Natural
  • Salted
  • Chocolate
  • Vanille & Cinnamon
  • Chocolate & Orange
Hemp seed butter
Crunch hemp seed like peanuts, and it will result in hemp butter! This butter is rich in proteins, fats, omegas and so much more. Best of all: it’s allergen free.

The application of this product is only limited by your imagination. Use it as alternative to peanut butter, or as substitute of tahin in hummus.

We used it as hemp butter on our hemp bread at an event. Delicious is it not, Piet?


Hemp seed oil
Hempions have their premium hemp seed oils, with a stunning flavour: nutty yet neutral. Easy to use for cooking, baking and for cold-use purposes. 


Packed with omega 3, this biological oil comes in two sizes: 100ml and 250ml. 

Hemp tagliatelle & Fusilli

What is a champion without pasta? These spelt-based pastas with hemp protein is a ready-to-use biological product for literally anybody who loves pasta. Hempions have 2 variants: tagliatelle and fusilli. This can be a great combination with their oil and Harmesan!

The pasta is available in the following sizes:

  • Tagliatelle: 250 gram and 2.5 kgs bags
  • Fusilli: 350 gram and 4 kgs bags



A surprisingly delicious and packed with goodness plant-based variant on the parmezan cheese. Unique and very recommended for plant-based diets. Again, the seeds and yeast in the Harmezan contains lots of protein, fibres, good fats and omegas. Did we already told you that hemp seeds have a full amino acid profile and allergen free? So is this tasty Harmezan!

The harmezan comes in a unique consumer ready pakc of 90 grams, or an ideal kitchen size of 165 grams.

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