Development of food products with hemp

Create your own ‘product of tomorrow’ with hemp. Let us convince you.

Since the day we are founded, we are eagerly partnering up with companies that are changing the world of food.

We want to let every food producing, developing, or creating company experience what hemp has to offer in terms of sustainability, health, as well as functional practicality in their new food product.

Why use hemp in your new product development?

Carbon negative hemp

For starters, it is incredibly sustainable. But not just sustainable like any other plant-based ingredient. We can give various reasons. First is that hemp captures 4 times more CO2 than the same area of trees. We believe that our hempseed milk can be sold in retail carbon negatively. In other words, it would be never so easy for consumers to consume truly and genuinely sustainable and healthy.

Secondly, the hemp crop is zero waste, meaning every part of the crop can be used! From textiles to cars, and from houses to foodstuff. There is so much more to like about hemp. Did you know that Henry Ford build a hemp car in 1941? Check the YouTube video about that here.

Hempy health

Second, hemp is healthy. It sounds like quite a lousy statement but hear us out. The tasty hempseeds are full of good fats, proteins and fibers. Perhaps most important, it is allergy free! This means everyone can consume hemp.

The various ingredients we have available for you, the producer, developer, creator; are high in great healthy nutrition values. We have outlined some of our ingredients below with more information.

Explore some of our ingredients

Whole hemp seeds

The base of most of our products. The whole seed can give an extra bite to your product.

Hemp hearts

When hulled, the hidden hemp seed, like a heart, is unveiled.

The hemp heart is the base of almost all our products an could probably includes the application you, as food developer, are looking for.

This beautiful seed is full of all that matters, and can be used with/for/on literally anything! Most useful and easiest application? To garnish your dish, recipe, smoothie with an extra boost of protein and omegas.


Protein 46% & 75%

These hemp proteins are here to stay. With a green 46% and tasteless and white 75% protein, the uses are limitless. High in protein, including all amino acids, omegas, and a variety of minerals including iron, magnesium and zinc.


Hempy, gluten-free flour

This base is ideal for the bakery industry. This flour is high in fibre, which creates a perfect addition to enrich your bakery products with fibre. In literally everything that is made with basic weath flour, hemp can be used as complementary ingredient. Yes, it does look green-ish, but it does make the bread brown!

Hemp cream base

The base of our m!lks. It’s vegan, allergen free, GMO free, and contains the ideal balance of omega 3 & 6. Of all plant-based products, only this cream’s fats contains 70% PUFA’s including GLA and bioavailable Omega 3. The cream contains digestible plant based proteins with 65% edestin.

If m!lk can be made with it, what else? We sign you up for a challenge!

Hemp oil

Flavour your product with our hemp oils. Use it as garnish over salads or cook/bake with it. Generally a great replacement to any other oil out there. Our oils are fully packed with good fats, nutty flavour and low in saturated fats.

More than 1 type

We have multiple types of hemp seed oils available. One is has a clearer, yellow colour and a softer taste (photo 1). The other one is greener and has more taste (photo 2). We also have an oil available which has a rich, nutty taste.

Home-made CBD oil

Home-made by hand with care, the CBD oil we have available comes in various varieties and sizes. Enrich your products with CBD. Or would you like to have your own CBD oil brand? Let’s talk the possibilities.

Our CBD is in compliance with the Novel Food Regulations and is from Dutch soil. Moreover, our producer is member of the Dutch NPN branchassocation for food supplements, part of the Kag/Koag, and is registred at the Dutch food safety authorisation (NVWA). Do you have doubts or is CBD unclear to you? Let Christian help you out by filling out our contact form.

Dried hemp flowers & leaves

We have the dried flowers available. This can be turned into tea or magically into as iced tea as well. It’s a great source to use for extraction. What other kind of drinks could we make with it? You decide!

Would you like to have more information at hand? Or do you think you need something else from hemp, which you can’t find here? Call or mail us. As Peter Drucker said:

‘’The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

A relaxing tea with Kees? A delicious hemp cappucino with Piet? Or a h'oly CBD moment with Christian? 

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