MGC Derma

MGC CBD Derma is an innovative skincare brand, with CBD added to enhance the performance of a very luxurious product.
MGC stands for ‘Medical Grade Cannabis’, the source of cannabidiol (CBD).

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Normally, CBD is used in oil, which is harder to absorb by your skin. MGC Derma uses her proprietary ingredient AquiolTM delivering 99% pure CBD that can be absorbed in water-based formulas. This results in superior delivery in the skin, along with the other ingredients. CBD has powerful nourishing, calming and rejuvenating characteristics and boosts the properties of the other pure and effective ingredient. On top of that, all MGC Derma products are 100% vegan and free from unnecessary or environment damaging ingredients such as parabens, silicones and micro plastics: a fantastic yet sadly rather rare combination in the cosmetics industry.

The skincare brand aims to improve consumer access to the benefits of CBD, an ingredient controlled and often legally restricted in some jurisdictions. MGC CBD Derma sees cannabis infusion as an important innovation that will elevate the plant-based skincare industry:

Skincare beyond compare!

Specially formulated with natural active ingredients to tackle wrinkles head-on, this range gives your skin a helping hand before the signs of ageing become clearly visible. Enhanced by high-purity Cannabidiol (CBD), this range will help to make your skin appear firmer and younger with reduced wrinkles and a natural, fresh glow!
With ingredients like coconut oil, hyaluronic acid, squalane and Dead Sea salt, the Everyday products are all about skin hydration. Uniquely formulated with high-purity Cannabidiol (CBD) and natural active ingredients, this range of moisturizing masks, scrubs, and creams will leave skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.
Sometimes your skin needs a little extra care and repair. This product range contains botanical ingredients like Argan oil, Indian gooseberry, urea and shea butter. With dermatological products which undergo strict, volunteer based clinical tests, the Revive line represents the true value of Phytocannabinoid based skin treatments: proven success and impact on users’ well-being with measurable improvement after 30 days.

MGC CBD Derma is aimed at self-conscious women and men who want to take good care of themselves and are looking for natural and innovative products to do so. In short: people looking for alternatives to skincare, with an open mind and with respect for the environment.

Under the trade name MGC Derma Benelux, HMP Distribution is the exclusive distributor for the MGC CBD Derma skin care products in the Benelux. The products are available via several retail shops, web shops and beauty salons.

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