H’oly CBD oil

H’oly CBD-oil is produced locally in Monster, Westland, by Healthy Plant Products. The company was founded in 2016, aiming to reach a great audience to let them get acquainted with the positive side of industrial hemp. The company’s spearpoints to be a low-barrier, affordable, transparent and educational towards their customers.   

The company is a member of the Dutch industry organization for food supplements and is registered at the Dutch Food and Safety Authority. HMP distributes H’oly CBD oil for wholesale as well as retail. White and private labels are possible.

H’oly CBD-oil clear contains only CBD because it is only taken from the flower top and has a mild taste.

– 10 ml 4%   Clear with hemp seed oil and CBD
– 10 ml 10% Clear with hemp seed oil and CBD

Hóly CBD-oil RAW includes the leaves of the hemp plant, which enables the oil to contain besides CBD other cannabinoids as well, like CBN and CBG. In other words, the Raw is a full-spectrum CBD oil. The Raw has a real hemp flavour.

– 10 ml 4% RAW (green) with olive oil, CBD, CBN, CBG and chlorophyll
– 30 ml 4% RAW (green) with olive oil, CBD, CBN, CBG and chlorophyll



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