Good hemp

As a manufacturer of a wide range of hemp products, Good Hemp is well established in the UK. In their modern production facility in South West England, they make the following primary products from hemp seed:

⦁ Peeled hempseeds
⦁ Hempseed cream
⦁ Hempseed oil
⦁ Hempseed protein
⦁ Hempseed fibre

These Good Hemp ingredients are extremely healthy and contain up to 70% more polyunsaturated fatty acids than comparable plant products!
Based on these base products, the following tasty, finished products are made:

Hemp seed hearts
Hemp seed hearts are peeled hemp seeds. These seeds are filled with protein and are omega 3 and 6 champions! They taste nutty and can be applied in countless methods in cooking dishes, but also as raw ingredients in salads and smoothies!

Dairy free drink

With the cream as basis, 3 types of dairy free milks, or plant-based diary, is produced:

⦁ Hemp-based dairy
⦁ Hemp-based barista dairy
⦁ A rich full blend of hemp and oat drink

All these drinks are rich in omega 3 and 6. Moreover, they do not contain any soy, gluten, nuts, and are completely vegan. The hemp milks are perfect for a smoothie, cereal, cooking, baking, or just drinking it plain!

Hemp seed oil
Good Hemp presses their own oil using a cold pressing method. This results in two types of oil:

⦁ Original hemp seed oil
⦁ Hemp seed oil extra virgin,

This oil is super healthy and rich in omega 3 and 6. It’s wonderful for grilling and baking, and maybe even better in salads or other cold dishes.

Hemp protein
Hemp protein is made simultaneously with the cream and oil. The protein is very useful in protein shakes, a vegan dish, or smoothies. The protein is a 100% hemp protein isolate powder. There are 3 grades:
⦁ Green protein 46%
⦁ White Protein 75%
⦁ White Protein 85%

With a boost of natural, plant-based protein, all 20 amino acids and rich in omega 3, the Good Hemp protein is powerful and sustainable. The hemp protein is also available in bulk for plant-based food manufacturers.

Hemp seed fibre
This is the fibre that is produced when the seed is peeled and can be a good and healthy basis for cakes and pastries. 2 products are made from this fibre:

⦁ Hemp seed flour, 100% ground hemp seed fibre
⦁ Hemp protein fibre boost, a blend of hemp protein and fibre. This blend is very useful in baking products, smoothies and protein shakes. You name it!

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