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Dutch Harvest is a growing Dutch tea brand. Their organic tea does not contain any caffeine nor theine. The tea naturally contains CBD, which can help with relaxation and insomnia. Besides that, the tea is Organic and EKO certified!

For the optimal taste and best experience of the hemp blends, Dutch Harvest is only available as loose tea. The company only uses natural ingredients; therefore, no aromas are used.

In other words: a pure natural product! Dutch Harvest has 4 varieties: 1 pure hemp and 3 blends with a minimum of 50% hemp.

Simply Hemp

Pure hemp tea for ultimate relaxation

Simply Hemp is Dutch Harvest’s pure, most powerful hemp tea, containing 100% hemp leaves and flowers. It is a mild, slightly sweet infusion with a subtle, spicy aftertaste. A relaxing tea to unwind after a busy workday and to calm your body and mind. Wonderful after yoga or just before bedtime.

Hemp Chai

A warm, spicy pick-me-up

This Hemp Chai combines Ayurvedic spices with our Dutch hemp into an aromatic, slightly sweet blend that you can enjoy at any time of the day. The spicy Chai herbs are warming and deliciously energising. The fresh lemongrass makes this Hemp Chai a great summer drink, too. Enjoy on its own or add (plant-based) milk for a delightful ‘Chai Latte’.

Hemp & Herbs

A relaxing and refreshing herbal blend

An easy-going, fresh and flowery herbal blend based on hemp. The other herbs are specially selected to complement hemp’s relaxing effect. Peppermint and ginger add a bit of zing, making this a wonderfully refreshing iced tea in the summer. Hemp & Herbs is a lovely infusion for a moment of calm during a busy day, or at night before bedtime.

Hemp & Turmeric

A fresh spicy blend to soothe the body

This spicy blend with mild hemp and golden turmeric brings deep relaxation to the body and mind. The surprising combination of two powerful herbs — complemented with spicy ginger and fresh lemongrass — gives a warm, nurtured feeling for a lovely moment of calm. Enjoy this fresh infusion pure, or as the basis for ‘Hemp golden milk’ for instance with our Good Hemp seed drink!

Sleepy Hemp 

A mild evening blend for sweet dreams

Our hemp is joined by hops, its dreamy brother. Calming valerian and lavender complement this fine relaxing mix and accompany you to a deep, peaceful sleep. Rounded off with the sweet aniseed and chamomile, this mild blend will make you dream away.

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