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Refreshing gum with a twist

Amstergum represents the ‘Amsterdam chewing gum’ through fun and cannabis. The gum gives an aperitif for an unforgettable and crazy experience as a visitor in the Dutch capital. With its beautiful green and 100% vegan gums, Amstergum lets you taste the Amsterdam fun vibes or make you remember that awesome time you had in Amsterdam!

Amstergum wants to market natural cannabis chewing gum in a funny and don’t-be-too-serious manner. The Amstergums can suit everyone: from the youngster up to the elderly!

Amsterdam vibes

This chewing gum is a real all-rounder! The freshness of the spearmint and eucalyptus and the long-lasting taste keeps your breath breathtaking! Packed in an Amsterdam-inspired sealable bag made of 100% recyclable material.

CBD Infused chewing gum

Currently, Amstergum has only 1 type of chewing gum: the Amstergum CBD Infused chewing gum. Want to know more about CBD? Check our education page!


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