About HMP distribution

Hemp products are gaining more and more momentum in the marketplace. Driven by health benefits and positive environmental impact. HMP Distribution is committed to showcasing all that hemp has to offer.

With frontrunners USA and Canada, we now see that most European countries accept the positive characteristics of the hemp plant. In 2018, Europe already cultivated a phenomenal 50,000 hectares of industrial hemp.

The first international brands within this category are increasingly recognised. Besides that, established companies like Levi’s, Nike, and BMW already offer or use hemp-based products.

HMP Distribution is the first distributor in Europe that focusses on distributing hemp-related (food) products. We are a trustworthy and professional partner of fair and splendid hemp products, and we make these products easily available for the end consumer.

Our strategy in attaining these spearpoints is to only distribute hemp products with a high level of sustainability and quality. How? Our products are scientifically tested, therefore trustworthy. We solely use hemp products since hemp is a crop without compromises

We would like to see for nature to be back in balance. Through responsible entrepreneurship, we commit to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

What do we do?

Marketing & Sales 📊

We offer products that are unique in different aspects: delicious taste, environmental impact, health impact, its story and the variety of products derived from hemp.

Together with a growing number of sales points, we market your hemp product.

Knowlegde hub 📚

Let’s face the facts: hemp has a big stigma which is not fairly placed upon. Yet we have to explain what hemp actually is. That’s why we provide inspiring presentations, attend fairs, providing information on this website and through Linkedin. Moreover, we will always keep on spreading the true story about hemp personally in conversations.

Co-development 🤝

Making your product (concept) standing out of the crowd in terms of ingredients, health and honest, absolute environmental impact? 

Since the day we are founded, we are eagerly partnering up with companies that are changing the world of food.

Hello, this is us 👋

All of our team members are dedicated and passioned about working with hemp. The reasons are obvious and hands down clear. With that in mind, we aim to create synergy among ourselves as well as our awesome pioneering partners. Because they believe in what we believe, and that is worth everything. 

Kees Valstar

Kees – director.

Christian Buitelaar

Christian – support on every aspect of business. ”I believe that hemp can contribute to the health of people & planet in many different ways.”

Vincent Valstar

Vincent – marketing & business development”While studying I realized the damage we lay upon our environment. Looking for a solution, I found hemp and its fantastic environmental capabilities! My dream is that everybody uses more products that is made of/from hemp on an every day basis.”

Piet Meerkerk

Piet – sales & business development. ”Suddenly I found my passion for hemp. After 20+ years in the fruit & vegetable business, I realised the products made from hemp are even more sustainable and healthier! At HMP, I explain and promote hemp’s amazingly true story and all its applications.”

Let’s talk!

A relaxing tea with Kees? A delicious hemp cappucino with Piet? Or a h'oly CBD moment with Christian? 

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