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Your international partner for hemp based products in the EU. We handle all your distribution, fulfillment, sales, webshops, logistics, instalment service, salespoints and marketing.

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Hemp products gain more and more momentum in the marketplace. Driven by health benefits and positive environmental impact. HMP Distribution is committed to showcase all that hemp has to offer.

With frontrunners USA and Canada we now see that most Europeans Countries accept the positive characteristics of the hemp plant. In 2018, Europe already cultivated a phenomenal 50,000 hectares of industrial hemp.

The first international brands within this category are increasingly recognised. Besides that, companies like Levi’s and Nike already offer hemp based products.

HMP Distribution BV was founded to distribute reliable and strongbrands in the hemp category within the European market. Professionally, passionated and with knowledge of this crop andexperienced in this market.

What does
hmp distribution offer

HMP Distribution offers access to retail/trusted salespoints, distribution hub in centre of Europe, deliveries throughout Europe, marketing and sales, and education HMP Distribution offers to retailers a partner on category management level.

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HMP distributes
good hemp
Good Hemp is a noteworthy producer of hempseed products. The company has their own production plant in North-Devon. This facility is developed by the founders Henry Braham and Glynnis Murray...

HMP distributes

H’oly CBD oil is produced locally in Monster, Westland, by Healthy Plant Products. The company was founded in 2016 aiming to reach great audience to let them get acquainted with the positive side of industrial hemp.
HMP distributes
Amstergum represents the ‘Amsterdam chewing gum’ through fun and cannabis. The gum gives an aperitif for an unforgettable and crazy experience as visitor in the Dutch capital. With its beautiful green and 100% vegan gums, Amstergum lets you taste the Amsterdam fun vibes, or just make you remember that awesome time you had in Amsterdam!
HMP distributes
MGC Derma
MGC CBD Derma is an innovative skincare brand, with CBD added to enhance the performance of a very luxurious product.
MGC stands for ‘Medical Grade Cannabis’, the source of cannabidiol (CBD).
HMP distributes
Dutch Harvest
Dutch Harvest is a growing Dutch tea brand. Their organic tea does not contain any caffeine nor theine. The tea naturally contains CBD, which can help with relaxation and insomnia.
For the optimal taste and best experience of the hemp blends, Dutch Harvest is only available as loose tea.

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