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HMP Distribution and hemp

Hemp products are gaining more and more momentum in the marketplace. Driven by health benefits and positive environmental impact. HMP Distribution is committed to showcasing all that hemp has to offer.

With frontrunners USA and Canada, we now see that most European countries accept the positive characteristics of the hemp plant. In 2018, Europe already cultivated a phenomenal 50,000 hectares of industrial hemp.

The first international brands within this category are increasingly recognised. Besides that, established companies like Levi’s, Nike, and BMW already offer or use hemp-based products.

HMP Distribution was founded to distribute reliable and strong brands in the European market’s hemp category. Professionally, passionate and with knowledge of this crop and experienced in this market.

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Our other brands

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good hemp

Good Hemp is a leading manufacturer of hemp seed products. Processed in a unique, state-of-the-art factory in North Devon, set up by hemp pioneers Henry Braham and Glynnis Murray. Their vision is a world with only sustainable food! That's why they make high-quality vegan food, drinks and sports nutrition products from the finest hemp seed ingredients. 

HMP distributes

Fully sourced from Dutch soil, H’oly CBD oil is a food supplement for supporting our overall well-being. Made from the tops and leaves of Dutch industrial hemp, the CBD is produced with hemp seed oil or olive oil.  

HMP distributes

Amstergum represents the feeling of Amsterdam: fun! It is the city of freedom! Amstergum reminds you of the crazy and exciting experience of a visit to the Dutch capital. Taste the Amsterdam vibes in our chewing gum: Amstergum.

HMP distributes
MGC Derma

As a high-end skincare brand, MGC CBD Derma offers luxury skincare products based on their innovative use of natural ingredients. What makes them stand out? Next to the very best well-known skincare ingredients, they add CBD to all their productsthus boosting the nourishing, calming, and rejuvenating characteristics of the other ingredients. All MGC Derma products are 100% vegan and free of microplastics.  

HMP distributes
Dutch Harvest
Dutch Harvest is a growing Dutch tea brand. Their organic tea does not contain any caffeine nor theine. The tea naturally contains CBD, which can help with relaxation and insomnia.
For the optimal taste and best experience of the hemp blends, Dutch Harvest is only available as loose tea.

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